driver,multi - Multi-Driver

Multi-Driver Now Available

We are proud to be apart of the Universal Robot UR+ Eco-System with our Multi-Driver Integration kit. Our Multi-Driver URCap and mounting solution will make screwdriver setup with your UR robot seamless. The Multi-Driver is compatible with most DC tooling, and Screwdrivers can be mounted with a gripper to provide a complete assembly solution.

  • Up to 3 Screwdrivers
  • Easy Setup
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Compatible with Multiple brands
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Multiple Tools at one Time

Our Multi-Driver screwdriving solution allows for the installation and use of multiple tools.  This is not limited to screwdrivers as our modular system allows for grippers dispensers and other tools to be attached along side our screwdrivers.

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driver,multi - Multi-Driver
driver,multi - Multi-Driver

Full assembly process

The versatility of our modular system allows for one robot to accomplish a full assembly process with little to no assistance from an operator or another cobot. This could drastically improve your assembly processes efficiency and cost. Pick, Assemble, Fasten, and seal your your parts together with one robot.

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Integration and Innovation

Integrated Manufacturing & Supply is dedicated to creating new innovative solutions for your assembly process.  Have questions on how our multi driver solution can help improve your process? don’t hesitate to ask!!