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Securely fasten screws with the correct bits or socket bits for the job. These tools are designed for the high-precision and high-torque requirements of production lines while lowering the overall costs of production. With the correct alloys, heat treatment, and improved designs, to last longer and do less damage to screw heads. There are many types for any kind of application available, from general purpose Phillips to tamper-proof Tri-Wings.



There are applications where the standard drive tool is not the correct solution, and there needs to be a custom drive tool required instead. Together, we can discuss your needs for your application and find you an answer. These custom drive tools include grease fitting sockets, double-ended bits, tap holding sockets, and plunger-style sockets. The production lines that need these are typically have automated torque drivers or workers using torque drivers to fasten down threaded fasteners quickly.

Automated processes sometimes use these custom drive tools because it is easier and faster to program simple tool paths with a custom drive tool is used. In production lines with people, it is quicker to use a powered torque driver rather than hand tools. And these powered torque drivers must accommodate what the hand tool was able to do.



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