Downforce Arms

Downforce assist versions of the ergonomic arms are available. Downforce assist is what it says; it helps the worker put downward pressure on the tool to be able to drive a screw or bolt into place. Or thread a hole. It makes sure the correct downward force is applied and at the right rate. They must be ordered from as such and can not be added later. If you have any concerns about using downforce assist, you can contact us, and we will be glad to discuss your application with you.

Arms can also be employed for thread tapping applications. Tap arms are equipped with downforce assist to be able to create threads in the products quickly and efficiently, reducing cycle times, thereby production output will increase. The use of reams, drills, and countersinks are also possible. Tool-free quick-change adapters are available to be able to change out dull or broken taps quickly.

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