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Cable to connect TLS System to EDU1DR/SG controller

Cable to connect TLS System to EDU1BL/SG, EDU2AE, EDU2AE/HPro, EDU2AE/TOP or EDU2AE/TOP/TA controller

Cable to connect TLS system o KDU controller

Arm Compatible: D53-5,D53-12,D53-25,TRA-12, TRA-25

Tool holder for PLUTO and RAF series inline screwdrivers

Tool holder for right angle PLUTO screwdrivers (up to 133 in-lb)

Universal Tool holder for any screwdriver (max diameter 1.9 in)

Arm Compatible: D53-5,D53-12,D53-25,D53-5,D53-12,D53-26,D53-50,D53-100

Arm Compatible: TRA-12, TRA-25,TRA-50, TRA-100

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